Chiropractic Care

Vertebral Subluxation

Your spinal column is made up of 24 vertebrae. Seven vertebrae (C1 through C7) make up your cervical spine in the neck region, 12 vertebrae (T1 through T12) make up your thoracic spine in your midback and 5 vertebra (L1 through L5) make up your lumbar spine in your lower back. In addition to the 24 articulating (allowing for motion) vertebrae there are nine fused vertebrae that make up your sacrum and tailbone. All of these bones in your vertebral column serve to house and protect your spinal cord. Nerves branch off of the spinal cord through small openings between the vertebrae. If any of the vertebrae shift out of alignment, it may put pressure on the spinal nerves interrupting nerve impulses that normally travel freely throughout your body. This is called vertebral subluxation.

Symptoms of vertebral subluxation depend upon which vertebrae are out of alignment. This interactive spinal chart can help you understand what parts of the body may be affected and what possible symptoms may be experienced when vertebrae are misaligned.

Interactive Spinal Chart