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To save time with your first visit our new patient forms are available for download.

New Patient Forms

Please fill out these forms to provide patient information and medical history. Our financial policy is included.

Motor Vehicle Collison Form

If you were involved with a motor vehicle collision or accident, regardless of fault, please print and fill out this form in addition to the new patent form listed above. This will help provide us with a better understanding of the nature of your injuries. Accidents are unfortunate. The frustration, anger and pain can interfere with your life. The suffering is unnecessary. Chiropractic Care can help restore your normal life.

Within moments of an accident pain and swelling starts. Often the full effect of the accident can take several hours or days to develop. You may feel okay after an accident. You might have even been treated and released from an emergency room. This doesn't mean that you are well. Most injuries to your spine take up to a week to fully develop. Emergency Rooms and MD's are not properly trained to notice the early developing signs of whiplash and other spinal injuries. Seek care from a Chiropractor, we are trained to detect and treat spinal injuries before they can become debilitating.

Do not sign away your rights for care with the insurance company until you fully understand your injuries or have discussed your case with an attorney. Claims adjusters and insurance companies even if they sound friendly and appear concerned, are not on your side. Their concern is limiting what they have to pay. As an injured individual you have the right to seek Chiropractic Care. Call our office today we can help you begin the healing process.

Save Time!

Downloading and filling out our forms at home prior to your visit will save time when you arrive at our office and allow you to formulate any questions you may have about your treatment goals.