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Sheradin Chiropractic Center offers Intersegmental Traction (IST)

Best described as a roller massage table.  It's a machine with a system of rollers that rise up to the center of the table. When the patient lies on their back, the rollers gently roll up and down the spine.  This action on the spine helps to elongate the anterior longitudinal ligament of the spine, providing increased mobilization and more flexibility to each spinal joint.  This action also helps reduce adhesions in the spinal joints, thus decreasing the stiffness of arthritis. IST will be used for 15 minutes and the intensity or pressure of the rollers is to the patient’s tolerance.
My Adjusting Techniques are entirely hands on: Diversified manual manipulation of the spine. And Cox Flexion Distraction (Mobilization technique used to loosen the muscles and joints of the low back prior to receiving an adjustment, helps with Disc pain as well)